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Lobe & Helix Piercings

Lobe Piercings are usually the first piercings most of us experience in our lives, closely followed by helix piercings.     The options are endless as to what jewellery you can use for having your lobes or helix pierced! As with any piercing it will also depend on your anatomy.

You don't have to start with plain jewellery, and it doesn't have to cost the earth either!

Piercing has progressed a lot over the years.

Members of the piercing industry have done a lot of research into safer methods and practices which are now being used widely around the world.

But unfortunately not by everybody. Some high street chain shops, hairdressers and even body piercers are still using outdated and unsafe methods of piercing.

Where it was acceptable to use a 'piercing gun' in the past, it is no longer a safe option to use this method.  Please refer to the FAQ's section to learn more about piercing guns.